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A Series of Unwasted Food

Pop-Up Dinners


In partnership with top chefs in town, San Diego Food System Alliance held a series of Unwasted Food pop-up dinners in 2016. In an effort to build awareness on food waste, local chefs and partner restaurants prepared gourmet dishes from ignored or un-coveted food that would otherwise go to waste.

In 2016, San Diego Food System Alliance organized Re:Source, a series of Unwasted Food pop-up dinners,  where celebrity chefs will use creativity to transform ignored or un-coveted food that would otherwise become ‘waste.’ This pop-up series is inspired by successful initiatives in other cities.

A portion of the proceeds benefitted the San Diego Food System Alliance in its mission to build a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system in San Diego County. 

Re:Source aims to…

  • Raise awareness of the staggering volume of food that is wasted 
  • Inspire new applications for the overlooked byproducts of our food system
  • Redefine food waste as an important resource


A Series of Pop-Up Dinners


First Dinner: 
Red Door
741 W Washington
San Diego, CA


To raise awareness about food waste, inspire the use of unwanted produce, and redefine food waste.

Pop-Up Dinner Lineup

  • April 6th The Red Door

  • May 10th  The Land & Water Co

  • June 21st    Cafe Gratitude: Click for Tickets.

  • July 26th    Eve Encinitas

Request for Ingredients + Hosts

Dear chefs/ restauranteurs and sourcers (grower, food maker, brewer, winemakers)…

Re:Source wants you to help identify recipes and ingredients that will be used at these public events.     What items are passed over in your process that you know are edible and with a bit of ingenuity could be converted into a delicious meal? What obscure recipes from other places use parts of plants that here are considered ‘waste’? What unwanted by-product can you donate?   

There are two ways to contribute:
Sourcers: Do you have ingredients that are in abundance and eligible for recovery?
Chefs/ restauranters: Let us know if you would like to host an event for the pop-up series!
We see this as a community effort with long term goals of strengthening our local economy, diverting organics from landfills, ending hunger in SDC, and retiring the word ‘waste’ from the food vocabulary.

Please send all suggestions, ideas and inquiries to